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Bride Cake

Bride Cake

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my inspiration for living and breathing: Chidi Ogbuta, a bride in Texas who commissioned a wedding cake to be SHAPED EXACTLY LIKE HER, right down to the tears — er, tiers – of her wedding gown. I dont know, if my husband started stabbing away at my cake likeness on our wedding day — as the groom is up top — I’d be “kinda, sorta” worried.

The motivation behind the cake is simple. It’s been Chidi’s life-long dream to get a doll made to look like her, though we fear the actual cake bears more of a resemblance to Tracy Morgan than the delightfully mentally unstable Chidi:

So who is the lucky man who will be spooning his lovely lady cake for the rest of eternity? Let’s take a close look at the face of the man lucky enough to land a lady like this:
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addicted to life said...

that's very funny!

Kristen said...

That is too funny!