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Country Garden Breakfast

Country Garden Breakfast Food Recipes


A really tasty vegetarian breakfast for two people

4 potato waffles
100g good vegetable terrine
6 tablespoons fresh tomato sauce
100g small chestnut mushrooms
25g unsalted butter
sea salt and Percy the pepper mill
olive oil


Heat the grill to medium high. Brush the waffles with a little olive oil and place under the grill until golden on both sides.

Remove the waffles and place a slice of vegetable terrine on top of each. Reduce the heat to medium and return the waffles to the grill just long enough to warm through the terrine - about two to three minutes. In a small saucepan melt the butter, add the chestnut mushrooms whole and saute for three to four minutes.

Remove the waffles from the grill and place two on each warmed
breakfast plate. Spoon over the fresh tomato sauce and arrange the
mushrooms on top of the waffles. Season well with salt and pepper and serve piping hot - like good gossip.

Body Talk

Potato waffle are not only packed with carbohydrates and fibre, they also conatin potassium, which is essential for macromineral balance. Mushrooms also conatin potassium, plus iron and sulphur, which are also very important minerals for health. You really can't get enough of these foods !

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